Resilience Is Resistance

Join Raíces Cultural Center at the Highland Park Earth Day Celebration for a presentation on a sustainable, renewable and just recovery for the island of Puerto Rico with Tara Rodriguez Besosa of the PR Resilience Fund and El Departamento De La Comida.

April 22, 2018, 1pm

At the HP Earth Day Celebration
Eugene Young Environmental Education Center
20 River Rd., Highland Park, NJ

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Join Raíces Cultural Center collaborator, support recipient and friend Tara Rodriguez Besosa of the PR Resiliency Fund to learn more about the efforts for a sustainable, renewable, resilient and just recovery for the island of Puerto Rico, post Hurricane María. Tara was also a keynote speaker at the Fossil Free Fast Conference, representing Puerto Rico. For donors to the Raíces PR Relief Fund, this is your chance to learn more about how your contributions have made an impact directly from one of the recipients of that support! For more information on our PR Relief efforts visit:

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