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Some herbs, greens and flowers are allowed to go to flower and seed to help attract and feed the pollinators as well as for seed saving for future plantings. Cilantro flowers are great at attracting pollinators, especially honeybees and native bees.

Pollinators were hit especially hard in the months after Hurricane Maria, as the winds and rains left the island with little foliage and almost no flowers. Food for pollinators was scarce for several months. By the time of Raíces Cultural Center’s…

Noemi Chaparro of Tainasoy Apiario and Villa Bonuco Earthship looking through seeds she received from Raíces when crew members visited her farm and apiary. Seeds included pollinator friendly flowers to provide food for the bees and other pollinators.…

One of the projects that stood out the most upon visiting Casa Pueblo was their mariposario, or butterfly house. The mariposario was home to dozens of native monarchs, endemic to the island of Puerto Rico. This is a sub-species of monarch that does…

Bees moved over to their new home for Raíces Apiculture Initiative participant and supporter Susan Winkler.

As part of the Raíces Apiculture Initiative, Raíces Co-Directors helped our friend and supporter Susan Winkler obtain and set up her first bee hive. Here, Francisco and Sue are moving nuc bee frames into new bee box.

This is one of Stan’s bee boxes, he explains the entrance reducer he devised for his bees.

Raíces’ bees hanging out on the front rest board of their hive. These are Italian Apis Mellifera bees.

Stan inspects a frame, he explains the difference between capped brood, untouched foundation and honey comb
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