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End of summer tomato harvest ripening on the windowsill.

Tomatoes originated in the Andes, where they grew wild with very small fruits, most likely yellow in color. There are species of tomatoes that still grow wild there today. Tomatoes were…

The first Raíces beans poking up out of the ground. In the following year we would plant two kinds of red kidney beans, green beans, black beans and white beans.

The workshop was hands on, participants made their own ferments out of organic vegetables to take home and enjoy.

Dan Farella discusses herbal protocols which can help those who suffer from Lymes disease, as well as educate participants on how to avoid, identify and remove ticks.

Kombucha is not a fungus, it’s a S.C.O.B.Y. (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast)

Workshop participants learned how to care for kombucha and brew kombucha drinks.

Dan Farella explains the healing, medicinal and nutritional properties of kombucha.

Culantro and anise stars, two cooking herbs used in Puerto Rico that can be found and used in NJ
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