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On the stretch of property between the Casa Pueblo main building and mariposario, or butterfly house, there are stands of flowers to provide food to the released butterflies and other pollinators. These stands of cosmos are self-gaining and self-…

Butterfly house at Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, where a native subspecies of monarch is bred, protected, and released into the natural environment. A few monarchs remain in the butterfly house at any given time in order to educate visitors,…

Caterpillars and chrysalises undergoing transformation into a species of monarch butterfly that is native to the island of Puerto Rico, Danaus plexippus portorricensis. This subspecies does not migrate off of the island. Like its cousins in other…

As part of ecological restoration, protection and education programs, Casa Pueblo maintains a mariposario and breed native monarch butterflies, and important pollinator on the island. Insect populations were decimated by Hurricane María and the lack…

Inside the butterfly house, or mariposario, at Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas. Butterflies, which are important pollinators, are bred and released here, giving a boost to the island’s population of insects that was affected by Hurricane María.

Butterflies are important pollinators, and Casa Pueblo continued its work of breeding, releasing and protecting butterflies in their mariposario, or butterfly house, immediately after Hurricane María.

A species of monarch endemic to the island of Puerto Rico. This type of monarch does not migrate off the island. This butterfly was in the mariposa, or butterfly house, at Casa Pueblo in Adjuntas. Breeding and providing habitat for butterflies and…

One of the projects that stood out the most upon visiting Casa Pueblo was their mariposario, or butterfly house. The mariposario was home to dozens of native monarchs, endemic to the island of Puerto Rico. This is a sub-species of monarch that does…
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