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Photo sent to Raíces Crew Members by the Seed Huntress, Sefra Alexander upon visiting Don Luis Soto at Finca Mi Casa on her hunt to preserve seed and exchange knowledge of seed saving. This was a patch of bean seeds planted by Don Luis sand Raíces…

Seeds and other sustainable disaster relief donations given to friend of Raíces Jariksa Valle Feliciano.

Seed envelopes made by Raíces Disaster Relief Trip Volunteer Christina Proxenos to donate to the Semiteca program. These were distributed to some of the schools receiving Semiteca boxes for use in seed saving.

Seeds that were sorted for distribution were categorized into a bucket system that would make it easy to access different types of seeds on demand.

Raíces Disaster Relief Trip Volunteer Christina Proxenos sorting seed into a bucket system for distribution to local farmers, school gardens, community gardens and agroecokogy projects.

One of the main projects the day the Raíces Crew attended the Seed Brigade was developing and implementing a categorizing and storage system for seed donations.

Seed Brigade volunteer Gregory, who was visiting his parents in San Juan and wanted to volunteer for sustainable relief and recovery efforts. Gregory sorted Husdon Valley Seed Company seeds for donations to over 70 schools through the Semiteca…

Seed Brigade volunteers were from around the world. At the brigade, Raíces crew members met volunteers from San Juan, Santurce, Brooklyn, Maine, Massachusettes, Israel, Germany and beyond. The seed relief work was done thanks to many helping hands…

Raíces Disaster Relief Trip Volunteer Christina Proxenos working with local residents to sort seed donations for distribution to sustainable farmers, agroecokogy projects, community gardens, ands school gardens.

Seed Brigade volunteer Rahnawn Littles sorts out Hudson Valley Seed Company donations to include in mini Semitecas designated for donation to school gardens.

Seed Brigade volunteers looking through the box of seed donations, discovering rare and interesting varieties and admiring the Hudson Valley Seed Company art packs.

Seed Huntress Sefra Alexander and Semiteca project volunteer Luz Cruz looking through the Hudson Valley Seed Company donations the Raíces crew brought to the Seed Brigade.

TSA inspected and approved seeds, organic teas, handmade natural soaps, solar lamps and other relief supplies.

The Plenitud PR Greenhouse was already in production when we arrived in January. The greenhouse itself was fixed after the donation of funds by Juntos Together, a coalition of Central NJ relief organizations working to support sustainable relief and…

Don Luis Soto of Finca Mi Casa showing us some of the first seeds ready for saving have been planted immediately after the passing of Hurricane Maria.

Raíces Cultural Center Director Francisco G. Gómez and EcoCulture Coordinator Nicole Wines with Don Luis Soto at Finca Mi Casa. During this visit, it was decided that the Raíces Disaster Relief Fund would providing the donation for the remainder of…

Raíces Cultural Center Director Francisco G. Gómez planting bean seeds at Finca Mi Casa. The earth was prepared for planting by hand and the seeds will be grown out to be saved and shared.

The greenhouse at Finca Mi Casa was cleaned up and planted immediately after Hurricane María hit the island of Puerto Rico. Four months later, when the Raíces crew visited the farm, there were vegetables and seeds ready for harvest. The roof of the…

Raíces director and co-founder Francisco G. Gómez visiting Don Luis Soto at Finca Mi Casa to asses the damage and learn how the Raíces Sustainable Disaster Relief Initiative can provide assistance.

The Raíces Disaster Relief Support Crew stopped to take a quick photo of a collapsed greenhouse in the outskirts of Lares As they did a car came up the driveway. It turned out to be the owner of the property, Olga Perez. Olga’s husband is an…
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