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This hillside is filled with fruit like banana, plantain, pineapple and papaya. Beyond the food forest, at the bottom of the slope, is the first site of the first earthship construction site in Puerto Rico.

Plenitud PR is an organic farm based on permaculture principles and techniques. Through a variety of growing and sustainability practices, including creating a food forest, rainwater harvesting, greenhouse production, terraced farming, raised beds,…

When looking out over the food forest on Plenitud’s mountainside, you can see across to the tents at the campsite above the food forest.

Pathway through two mountainside terraced garden beds. The terraced beds are planted on counter and designed to help control the flow and absorption of water from rainfall. Because of the terraforming and water management techniques that Plenitud…

View of the developing food forest at Plenitud PR that can be seen from the front door of the farm’s earthbag house.
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