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Sign inside the gardens at Plaza Vivero that says “Plaza Vivero community project - people live here”

Raíces director Francisco G. Gómez, program coordinator Nicole Wines and volunteer Christina Proxenos with Plenitud PR resident and crew member Carson Ingley.

Raíces director Francisco G. Gómez, program coordinator Nicole Wines and volunteer Christina Proxenos with the VISIONS group and some of the Plenitud PR crew during our visit in January 2018.

Doña Tinti Deyá, co-founder of Casa Pueblo.

Doña Tinti, co-founder of Casa Pueblo, assisting Francisco G. Gómez, co-founder and director of Raíces Cultural Center, in the Casa Pueblo Artisan Shop.

Doña Tinti Deyá, co-founder of Casa Pueblo, assisting Raíces volunteer Christina Proxenos with the purchase of artisan made jewelry. Casa Pueblo runs an artisan shop to help maintain the economic sustainability and self-sufficiency of the…

Don Alexis Massol, who founded Casa Pueblo in 1980 along with his wife Doña Tinti Deyá.

Director of Casa Pueblo, Dr. Arturo Massol Deyá.

Director of Casa Pueblo, Dr. Arturo Massol Deyá with his father and co-founder of Casa Pueblo, Don Alexis Massol.

This former school building which is immediately next door to Casa Pueblo’s main building has been converted into a solar powered cinema for the community of Adjuntas. It is also used as classroom and meeting space and for presentations and…

Casa Pueblo, in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, never lost power during or after Hurricane María due to having self-sufficient resilient and renewable systems. Using solar energy, Casa Pueblo quickly became a center for relief and recovery efforts in the town…

The Plenitud PR Greenhouse was already in production when we arrived in January. The greenhouse itself was fixed after the donation of funds by Juntos Together, a coalition of Central NJ relief organizations working to support sustainable relief and…

Sorting through seed donations at the PR Resiliency Fund’s “Brigada de Semillas” or Seed Brigade, held in Puerta de Tierra, San Juan from January 15-19, 2018. These seed donations, from Hudson Valley Seed Company, were being sorted for inclusion in…

Students from St. Thomas University’s Visions program participating in a service learning trip to Plenitud PR post-María. Rebekah Sánchez, who lives and works at Plenitud and founded the project Siembra Boricua is explaining agroecology and…

While working on a service-learning project on Plenitud’s permaculture farm and education center, Tobias Knight of St. Thomas University in Minnesota takes a break to enjoy a ripe starfruit directly off the tree. Many fruit trees throughout the…

This earthbag and super adobe house, along with three others around the island of Puerto Rico designed by Plenitud co-founder Owen Ingley, suffered zero damage from Hurricane María.

Residents, visitors, neighbors and students work together on Plenitud’s permaculture farm site. This hillside has been transformed from a slope covered in coffee bushes to a terraced food and herb production site using water and land management…

During the time Raíces crew members stayed at Plenitud PR’s permaculture farm and eco-learning center, a group of students from St. Thomas University in Minnesota was visiting on a service-learning trip. The Raíces crew arrived just as dinner was…

Sign hanging in Casa Pueblo that reads “Casa Pueblo - Transformando la crisis con alternativa solar energía.” or “Casa Pueblo - Transforming the crisis with alternative, solar energy.”

One of the projects that stood out the most upon visiting Casa Pueblo was their mariposario, or butterfly house. The mariposario was home to dozens of native monarchs, endemic to the island of Puerto Rico. This is a sub-species of monarch that does…

Casa Pueblo de Adjuntas is an organization located in the Central Highlands of Puerto Rico, in a small municipality called Adjuntas. Casa Pueblo is a community-based, non-governmental organization that promotes, through voluntary participation of…

“Raíces” painted on the Raritan River Art Walk by Albus Cavus founder and artist Peter Krsko at the 2010 Spring Jam, a collaborative community event that fused a variety of forms of art, culture, education and community. The Raritan River Art Walk…

Raíces 2010 Intern Sean Battle performed at Monster Jam as president and member of Rutgers University student club Verbal Mayhem. This was the first collaboration between Raíces and Sean. He would later go on to compose and perform original poetry…
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