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Water Is Life group art show window display at Tiger Art Supply in Highland Park, NJ

One of the first submissions received and hung in the group art show was this painting by Peri Nerri. Here it is on display in Tiger Art Supply before being shipped to its new home to the art collector who commissioned the painting. Peri made this…

Art on display in Tiger Art Supply as part of the Water Is Life group art show in the fall of 2017.

Veronica Winford, owner of Tiger Art Supply, and collaborator on the Water Is Life exhibit series. Veronica also contributed her own version of Thunderbird Woman to the group art show.

Pieces like the Silent Chimes submitted by Patsea Griffin from Ottowa, Cananda, added a special touch to the group show. Patsea also traveled all the way from Ottowa for the opening reception and she donated one of the drum heads used for these…

Tiger Art Supply was the host of the group art show as soon as the opening reception ended, and it was the perfect space for display of such a wide array of art work. Art submittions from over 30 artists, both local and international, remained on…

Posters by Seth Sutton who also contributed his documentary film "wiinwaa niizhaasing (We the 7th)" to the project.

Artwork from over 30 local and international artists on display in the "Water Is Life" group art show held in fall of 2017.

A wide variety of styles and mediums were submitted to the Water Is Life group art show, from paintings to photos to digital art to block prints, from artists within the Highland Park community to artists from as far away as Bulgaria. This is a…

Art inspired by the "Water Is Life" movement and Standing Rock protests on display as part of the Water Is Life exhibit series.

After the opening reception of the Water Is Life exhibit series on October 28, 2017, the artwork submitted to the group art show by over 30 local and international artists was moved to Tiger Art Supply so that people could continue to view it…
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