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Seed brigade volunteers sorting seed for distribution by the PR Resilience Fund. Bulk donations had to be separated into individual seed packets for distribution. The help of dozens of volunteers every day for a week made it possible to ge the seeds…

Art packs from Hudson Valley Seed Company donations were set aside specifically for schools. The art packs would allow those teaching agriculture to integrate the arts into their activities and lessons. This is essential because art and music classes…

Sorting seeds sent by Hudson Valley Seed Company for Semitecas, or mini seed banks. These mini seed banks are designated for schools. Due to a lack of funding, schools in Puerto Rico no longer offer music and art so Hudson Valley Seed Library seed…

Some of the seed donations that came to the PR Resilience Fund were in bulk packages and had to be sorted, separated into smaller envelopes and labeled. Volunteers from all over the world worked for five days to get the seeds sorted and ready for…

Volunteer and San Juan resident Rahnawn Littles sorting a set of seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Library for donation to school gardens, organic farms and agroecology projects, community gardens, and home growers throughout the island of Puerto Rico.

Creator and leader of the PR Resilience Fund initiative Tara Rodriguez Besosa receiving donations brought to Puerto Rico from members of our home community in Central NJ by the Raíces Cultural Center crew. Included in the list of supplies requested…

Handmade organic soaps were donated by Rivka Greenburg, a supporter of the Raíces Disaster Relief Fund. Rivka was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico and is a resident of Raíces Cultural Center’s home community in Central NJ.

The roof on the wooden casita at Tainasoy Apiario was damaged over one room in the storm. When FEMA came to tarp the roof three months after Hurricane María, workers walked on undamaged sections of the roof, causing further damage and leaks. As a…
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