Herbal Healing Seminar: Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico

Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico

On August 29, 2010, Angela Lugo , a native of Puerto Rico and an herbal healing practitioner presented the first in a series of workshops on Herbal Healing.  Participants learned about the history of herbal healing practices in Puerto Rico and about specific plants commonly used by herbal healing practitioners on and off the island of Puerto Rico.

Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico: Presentation and Discussion led by Angela Lugo

Lugo comes from a line of herbal healers and spoke of her own family background to illustrate a variety of healing traditions and the relationship of herbal healing and spirituality.  The practice of herbal healing was placed in historical context where many healers were afraid to admit that they were practitioners and many who descended from herbal healing practitioners veered away from the knowledge carried by their predecessors.  With a growth and acceptance of New Age practices, herbal healing has become more widely accepted, practiced and sought out.

Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico: Presenter Angela Lugo answering questions from attendees.

Herbal knowledge comes from wisdom and intuition and is closely related to energy.  Herbal healers believe that each plant has it’s own type of energy.  Different plants affect each individual differently, as the energies of the plants, healers and the person seeking herbal healing interact.

Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico: Herbal Remedies and Healing Foods

Lugo discussed a list of plants and their uses that are commonly utilized in Puerto Rican healing practices, but can also be grown or easily obtained off the island and away from the Caribbean.  Participants got to taste the juices of several tropical fruits while learning about the healing properties of these juices.  They also had the opportunity to touch and examine leaf and full plant samples of many of the herbs discussed in the workshop.

Hands on, touching and tasting, at the Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico workshop.

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Herbal Healing Seminar: Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico — 14 Comments

  1. my grandmother was a healer and spiritual leader from Utuado, do you ever come to the main land. I live in CT.

  2. Buenas noches,

    Yo vivo en los Estados Unidos. Yo he tratado de buscar un sitio en PR para comprar plantas medicinales y para usar en la comida. Me puede usted ayudar? Donde puedo comprar las plantas medicinales y también plantasque estoy buscando para tenerla en mi casa. Yo me crié cultivando plantas desde pequeña. Y semillas de frutas a igual para comida. Donde puedo conseguir esta información. Se lo agradecería con toda mi alma.

    Sandra Cooper

  3. Saludos Sandra,
    Pues depende en cual estado estas ubicada en cuanto puedas encontrar plantas medicinales. Muchas ciudades como Nueva York o Chicago tienen botanicas que venden todo tipos de plantas. En sitios mas rurales hay lo que se llama Farm Stores. No recomiendo tiendas como Home Depot o Lowes, sino, tiendas pequenas y locales. Dejame saber endonde te encuentras y quizas puedo ayudarte mejor!

  4. I am learning spanish cooking. I have picked up a few fresh plants to put into my food. Now I would like to learn natural healing. I do not know very much spanish yet though.

    • Hi Lisa,
      When you say you’re learning Spanish cooking, that encompasses a very broad spectrum of cultures. For example, the island of Puerto Rico was inhabited by the Taíno Indians before the conquest by Spain. The Spanish brought their culinary arts to the island, as well as, enslaved Africans; both of these cultures meshed with the indigenous population to create a cuisine that augmented the wonderful food that is now cooked there over a span of 500 years! If you’re learning the gamut of Spanish cooking, well that’s wonderful and you’ll find it delicious.

      Your interest in learning Natural Healing practices, say from the Caribbean, doesn’t always require that you know how to speak Spanish. The workshop on Herbal Healing presented by Angela Lugo, a while back, was given in English. We have another series being presented by her, soon. Check our blog for the calendar dates and if you’re around Central New Jersey, make sure to attend and participate.
      Be well,

  5. i have family in PR but no one has a Guanabana tree. While visiting last year I tried to fing the fruit or seeds to no avail. Are they seasonal? For now we are taking Graviola pills. (My husband has a benign cyst on the pancreas we are trying to keep from growing or changing.

    • Guanábana tends to flower and fruit more or less continuously, but in every growing area there is a principal season of ripening. In Puerto Rico, this is from March to June.

      The thing to remember is that guanábana is a tropical fruit. It dies when exposed to colder weather. In its altered forms it doesn’t have the potency like when it’s harvested fresh and in season!

      The other thing to consider is that a benign cyst is not cancer! Your husband should have the growth checked out by a physician if he hasn’t already done so.

  6. Hello! Are there any more of these seminars coming up? I checked the calendar but it seems to be blank! Thanks so much!

    • Greetings Julissa!

      We are working on our schedule for the fall. We will not be having many Herbal Healing workshops, but will be starting up an herbal healers circle and knowledge exchange. Info coming soon!


  7. Iam interested in learning about herbal practices used in Puerto Rico. My wife and I are planning to move there shortly (west coast). Would love to start meating local people that are willing to share their knowledge and advice as we get settled into the community.

    • Hi Charles,
      If you haven’t already read “Earth and Spirit: Medicinal Plants and Healing Lore from Puerto Rico” by María Benedetti; it is a must read as it is filled with lots of information about the healers that are on the island.

      If you speak Spanish then you’re ahead of the game, if you don’t that might be a problem!

      It is always good to visit organic farms(fincas)across the island as these places, many times, have connections with these healers you wish to meet. You can learn about these farms here on our blog, website and Facebook page.

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