Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble

About the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble

The Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble is comprised of an intergenerational mix of advanced students and professional musicians. The ensemble performs the folkloric traditions of the Caribbean, as well as fusions of these traditions with modern genres. Rumba, batá, bomba, plena, són, comparsa, seis, and aguinaldo are some of the genres the ensemble performs and presents. The ensemble also aims to educate their audiences through historical explanations, school performances, workshops, multimedia presentations and technology. For more information about ensemble performances, please contact Francisco G. Gómez at 908-227-5671 or fuyo [at] raicesculturalcenter [dot] org.

Search “Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble” on the Raíces Digital Archive for videos and photos of past performances, as well as information on the traditions the ensemble seeks to preserve and share.

Currently, the core members of the ensemble are:

Francisco G. Gómez (director, percussion, tres, guitar, vocals) – Francisco is the Director and co-founder of Raíces Cultural Center. He began formal instruction in music at the age of 8 and continues to perform and teach the music of the Caribbean as the Director of the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble.

Nicole Wines (percussion, bass, vocals) – Nicole is a co-founder of Raíces Cultural Center and coordinates its EcoCulture and Digital Archive programs. She has been playing with the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble since its formation in 2008.

Jaime Hernández (percussion, vocals) – Jaime began studying percussion with Raíces Director Francisco G. Gómez in 2012.

2017 Performances – Videos and photo albums coming soon!