Pepe Santana & Grupo INKHAY - Raíces Roots Music Concert Series

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Pepe Santana & Grupo INKHAY - Raíces Roots Music Concert Series


Raíces Roots Music Concert Series 2018.

Pepe Santana & Grupo INKHAYs performed folkloric music from the Andes mountains, specifically from the countries of Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia at the Reformed Church of Highland Park in, NJ to help raise funds for sustainable grassroots disaster relief and recovery in Puerto Rico.

Raíces Digital Archive Collection of the Raíces Roots Music Concert Series 2018:


INKHAY is a Quechua verb that means "to tend the fire". The members of the group have chosen this name to symbolize their commitment to keep alive, expose and spread the beautiful music of the Andes mountains of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

The musicians play over two dozen musical instruments. Among the wind instruments, they play a variety of pan-pipes known to the natives as "sikus", "antaras" or "zampoñas". They also play end-nocthed vertical flutes called kenas, transverse flutes, whistles and ocarinas as well as an array of percussion instruments. All these instruments have their roots in pre-Hispanic civilization.

INKHAY's music, primarily, represents elements of South American indigenous culture when they perform wind and percussion music. They also include European musical elements when they play stringed instruments like the guitar, mandolin and the well known "charango" (a guitar like instrument fashioned of an armadillo shell). Over the past three centuries, harp music, together with other stringed instruments have become an integral part of the " mestizo" traditional music of the Andes. The task of group INKHAY is to interpret the different styles of playing Andean music maintaining the styles of the native communities.

INKHAY originated in New York in 1984. Their performances at music festivals, museums, schools and concert halls have created a new source of reference for folk music lovers.

The members of INKHAY, under the direction of Pepe Santana, a native from Ecuador, are: Rothman Teran, César Vele e Iván Vele; all from Ecuador. Each member has been involved with various folk groups, both, here in the United States and in South America.

As part of the concept that INKHAY promotes, native traditional dancers from Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

INKHAY's commitment is to keep alive the fire of their vibrant Andean Traditions.

For more information about the group, call (973) 398-9573



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