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Stopping to smell the flowers on a tour of the permaculture gardens of Plenitud PR’s farm.

A flower in the ginger family in bloom at the top of a 10’+ stalk.

A flower in the ginger family in bloom in the permaculture gardens at Plenitud PR in Las Marías, Puerto Rico.

Flower in bloom in Plenitud PR’s permaculture gardens.

Some herbs, greens and flowers are allowed to go to flower and seed to help attract and feed the pollinators as well as for seed saving for future plantings. Cilantro flowers are great at attracting pollinators, especially honeybees and native bees.

Noemi Chaparro of Tainasoy Apiario and Villa Bonuco Earthship looking through seeds she received from Raíces when crew members visited her farm and apiary. Seeds included pollinator friendly flowers to provide food for the bees and other pollinators.…
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