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In the fall of 2011, Raíces Cultural Center began an oral history project called "Testimonials for the Ancestors", collecting video interviews from community members willing to share their stories and histories about how they remember, honor and…
For many cultures, death has always been felt with such finality. There are those, however, that have maintained a reverence and veneration for those that came before them. The Raíces Cultural Center's 2011 production Festival for the Dead:…
Gabriel Muñoz & Melodías Borinqueñas performed folkloric music from the island of Puerto Rico at the Forum Theatre Cultural Arts Center in Metuchen, NJ to help raise funds for sustainable grassroots disaster relief and recovery in Puerto Rico.

Hand frame drum used in capoeira and other Brazilian music forms. Pandeiros generally have a wooden rim with metal disks like a tambourine and a natural skin head.

This former school building which is immediately next door to Casa Pueblo’s main building has been converted into a solar powered cinema for the community of Adjuntas. It is also used as classroom and meeting space and for presentations and…

Samuel Lind showed the Raíces crew several of with his screenprinted posters, including this one for local bomba group, Majestad Negra.

Sculpture of a woman dancing bomba overlooking a working station in artist Samuel Lind’s home art studio in Loíza Aldea.

Artist Samuel Lind displaying a screen printed poster from the annual Fiestas de Santiago Apostol.

Sculpture of a woman dancing bomba overlooking a working station in artist Samuel Lind’s home art studio in Loíza Aldea.

Marco Ayala Lind brought the Raíces crew to the home studio of artist Samuel Lind.

Prototype of Samuel Lind’s Sculpture Osaín. Raíces crew members and students had seen the Osaín sculpture at Bomplenzo 2008 at Hostos College in the Bronx, NY.

Paintings, vejigante masks, and an indoor garden at Samuel Lind’s home studio.

Vejigante painting on display in the home studio of Puerto Rican Artist Samuel Lind.

These bomba dancer cutouts were some of the cultural materials and artifacts saved and recovered after Hurricane María. Cultural roots and artistic expression were all strengthened on the island of Puerto Rico after Hurricane María. Drums, guitars,…

These materials were all that remained of the structure of the Artesanías Castor Ayala in Loíza, Puerto Rico after Hurricane María destroyed the artisan shop and took the roof of the family home.

In the Batey de los Ayalas
Damaged structure in the yard of the Ayala home in Loíza Aldea, Puerto Rico. These cutouts of bomber dancers remained undamaged by the storm. This is the yard where the bombazos take place during the Fiestas de Santiago Apostol each July.

The concrete slab foundation was all that remained of the Artesanía Castor Ayala after Hurricane María. The Artesanía, or artisan shop, was rebuilt in March 2018.

Hurricane María destroyed the Artesanías Castor Ayala, which served as both a cultural museum and preservation site and artisan shop for the Ayala family in Loíza Aldea. When Raíces visited in January 2018, the wood for the rebuilding the the…

Sign for the Artesanías Castor Ayala in January 2018, 4 months after Hurricane María. Culture persists.

Vejigante masks made by the Ayalas remain on display in the home.

Conjunto Deboson. They play the classic Son music of Cuba. Janete on the flute, Jorge on percussion, Andrés on bass.

Bomba is community! Students from the audience were invited up to dance bomba before the drum with the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble.

As part of the 2009 Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico residency program, the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble performed the music, dance and song of bomba and plena at the Greater Brunswick Charter School. As in all bombazos, audience/community…
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