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Maculelê is an Afro-Brazilian art form that is part of the practice of capoeira. Maculelê can be practiced with either machetes or sticks, which when struck together become a part of the rhythm and music.

Raíces Roots Music Concert Series…

Raíces Cultural Center co-founders Nicole Wines and Francisco G. Gómez with Gabriel Muñoz after his performance at the Forum Theatre.

Raíces Cultural Center Director Francisco G. Gómez with members and friends of Gabriel Muñoz & Melodías Borinqueñas. Raíces was proud to present Gabriel Muñoz & Melodias Borinqueñas, as they shared their traditional Jíbaro music from Puerto…

Mestre Zumbi and Francisco G. Gómez exchange words and gestures of affection and gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate on sharing the cultural traditions of capoeira from Brazil at the Raíces Roots Music Concert Series 2018.

Raíces Cultural Center BOD chair, Angela Lugo, and Raíces Director and co-founder, Francisco G. Gómez gave a warm welcome and introduction to Mestre Zumbi and Grupo Senzala to kick off the 2018 Raíces Roots Music Concert Series.

Raíces director Francisco G. Gómez, program coordinator Nicole Wines and volunteer Christina Proxenos with Plenitud PR resident and crew member Carson Ingley.

Raíces director Francisco G. Gómez, program coordinator Nicole Wines and volunteer Christina Proxenos with the VISIONS group and some of the Plenitud PR crew during our visit in January 2018.

Raíces Cultural Center co-founders with Casa Pueblo co-founders and current director.

Owen Ingley of Plenitud PR and Francisco G. Gómez of Raíces Cultural Center talking about the work, experiences, and needs of Plenitud post-Hurricane María.

Almost immediately after we arrived at Plenitud PR, Owen asked us to speak to students who were visiting on a service learning retreat from St. Tomas University in Minnesota.

Raíces Cultural Center Director Francisco G. Gómez talking to students on a service learning retreat at Plenitud PR in Las Marías.

Director Francisco G. Gómez talks with friend of Raíces Jariksa Valle Feliciano of Aguada, Puerto Rico before interviewing her on camera to get some background and initial impressions on what she experienced during and after Hurricane Maria and her…

Don Luis and Doña Carmen Soto of Finca Mi Casa with Raíces Cultural Center co-founders Francisco G. Gómez and Nicole Wines during our Sustainable Disaster Relief Support Exchange Trip in January 2018. Raíces is proud to have provided support to…

Raíces Cultural Center’s January 2018 visit to Finca Mi Casa was a true lesson in resiliency and hospitality. In the face of Hurricane Maria and the difficult relief and recovery period that continues to this day, Don Luis Soto of Finca Mi Casa…

Raíces Cultural Center Director Francisco G. Gómez talking with Don Luis Soto of Finca Mi Casa about the his experiences during and after Hurricane María. Reminders of the devastation everywhere, from damage to structures to scarred and damaged…

Don Luis explaining what is growing inside the greenhouse area and what has changed on the farm since Hurricane María to Raíces Cultural Center Director Francisco G. Gómez. The plastic roof and repairs to this greenhouse became one of the projects…

Don Luis Soto watches over as the Raíces Crew helps prepare a bed for planting beans. This planting was intended for seed saving of three different kinds of bean seeds sent to Puerto Rico to help regenerate a local seed stock. Before planting, the…

Raíces Director Francisco G. Gómez and volunteer Christina Proxenos working the earth at Finca Mi Casa under the direction of Don Luis Soto. During our visit, we planted a small patch of three varieties of beans for seed saving from some of the…
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