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Raíces Cultural Center BOD chair, Angela Lugo, and Raíces Director and co-founder, Francisco G. Gómez gave a warm welcome and introduction to Mestre Zumbi and Grupo Senzala to kick off the 2018 Raíces Roots Music Concert Series.

Presentation and tour participant Angela Lugo tasting some honey from a bee frame at S & F Honey Farm.

During the Apiculture presentation by Stan Wasitowski at S & F Honey Farms, participants were able to taste the honey produced at the farm directly out of the beehive frames.

Here, Stan holds a bee frame packed with honey and Angela samples it.

Flyer for Raíces Natural Arts Herbal Healing Workshop with Angela Lugo.

Herbal Medicine Cabinet

Learn about the healing herbs and foods you have around your own kitchen and learn how to assemble your own herbal medicine…

Ticket for admission to the workshop “Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico”, the first in a series of herbal healing workshops presented by local herbalist Angela Lugo. This was the first program presented in the Raíces Natural Arts…

Angela Lugo explains the healing, medicinal and nutritional properties of coconut and the many uses we have for them.

Angela prepared samples of food and herbs and shared recipes so participants could cook the nutritious and healing dishes themselves.

Participants taste the results of cooking with herbs.

Angela Lugo presenting the workshop “Herbal Healing from the Island of Puerto Rico”

Workshop presenter Angela Lugo discusses the health benefits of a range of Caribbean cooking herbs that can be obtained in NJ where the workshop was held.

Newsletter excerpt about the Raíces Cultural Center Natural Arts workshop series on Herbal Healing

Workshop participants got to sample food and drinks made with herbs.
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