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Singers and lead drummers of the bomba group representing the town of Aguada at the 5th Encuentro de Tambores in Juncos, Puerto Rico posing for a photograph before they begin to play.

The garden beds at Tainasoy Apiario are raised beds with irrigation ditches fed by a rainwater catchment system. The beds are made on contour for soil stability and to help prevent erosion, as well as for water management. These beds are for annual…

Bee box ready to house bees after a honeybee rescue by Carlos Chaparro, one of the owners of Tainasoy Apiario.

Noemi Chaparro, one of the farm owners at Tainasoy, and Mario Antunez, one of the key crew members of the earthship build at Tainasoy and member of Colectivo Verdolaga which partnered with Tainasoy to plan and construct the earthship.

Mario Antunez, member of Colectivo Verdolaga, who is on site at Tainasoy Apiario working on the first earthship build in Puerto Rico.

Noemi Chaparro, one of the farm owners at Tainasoy, gave a tour of the land, including the site where the first earthship construction in Puerto Rico would be begin to be built in the coming months.

The roof on the wooden casita at Tainasoy Apiario was damaged over one room in the storm. When FEMA came to tarp the roof three months after Hurricane María, workers walked on undamaged sections of the roof, causing further damage and leaks. As a…

This hillside is filled with fruit like banana, plantain, pineapple and papaya. Beyond the food forest, at the bottom of the slope, is the first site of the first earthship construction site in Puerto Rico.

Temporary goat cage constructed out of recycled/upcycled pallets after Hurricane María

Seeds and other sustainable disaster relief donations given to friend of Raíces Jariksa Valle Feliciano.
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