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Clothing for sale at the Domboshava Showgrounds market.

Many faces at the market.

VaMurehwa even had grapes in his organic garden, how awesome!

Goats and chickens in the same place and manure used in the garden.

Even baskets and other modern wares found their way at the market.

Cows being sold at the market in the financial crisis of 2009.

At the market and transport used scotch carts pulled by oxen.

Trying to make a buck at the market.

Tomatoes for sale at the market.

Vendors at the market had to pay a fee to the district council for using this space yet the conditions were still bad.

The permaculture garden at the Domboshava Showgrounds

The hustle and morning bustle at the Domboshava Showgrounds Market.

The gateway into the market at the Domboshava Showgrounds.

The clothing business was what originally got founder Sylvia Hove into the Domboshava project.

Sekuru Murehwa was already practicing permaculture at his house near the Showgrounds and used the cow dung as organic manure he picked everyday of the week at the market. This image shows Murehwa’s water source and illustrates how different…

Seeing this inspired Sylvia Hove, founder of the Domboshava Community Project, to improve on the quality and conditions of the market place.

Proud Permaculturalist Sekuru Murehwa.

Proud family with their permaculture home built from natural materials.

Other vendors were into clothing too so competition.

Organic garden of Sekuru Murehwa in Domboshava, Zimbabwe.

Mushrooms from the forest and bananas from the homesteads found their way at the Showground market but displayed on the ground.

Most of these women became my friends and inspired me to start women groups leading to the creation of Domboshava Community Project.

A cold morning at Domboshava Showground Market.