Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico

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Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico


Los vejigantes de Puerto Rico


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Puerto Rico
New Brunswick, NJ

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Raícitas don’t just study the traditions of the Caribbean, they also share them with audiences in and around there community. These vejigantes are Raícitas student performers, sharing this cultural tradition from the Island of Puerto Rico with…

Handmade and hand-painted paper-mache vejigante mask. There are two main types of vejigante masks found in Puerto Rico, those made from coconuts, more common to the Loíza area and those made of paper-mache, more common to Ponce and Mayaguez.

Performance by the Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble with Raícitas student performers. Sharing the tradition of Los Vejigantes de Puerto Rico with the students at the Greater Brunswick Charter School in New Brunswick. A vejigante is a clown-like…

The Raíces Cultural Center Ensemble shares the music, song, dance, history and cultural traditions of the Caribbean throughout our community and beyond. Raíces Ensemble members perform the traditions of plena and los vejigantes de puerto rico with…

Bomba, like many genres from the Caribbean traditions, is participatory. It is a community based tradition, with no defined roles of performer and audience. When the Raíces ensemble performs bomba, they always include members of the audience so…