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Cultural Exchange - Puerto Rico Sustainable Disaster Relief


After Hurricane María, Raíces Cultural Center launch a Sustainable Disaster Relief Fund and Support Campaign. The organization also joined Juntos…

Lisa Bagwell's EcoArt Exhibit 2016


Fusing art and ecology, Lisa Bagwell creates all of her sculptures out of garbage. Raíces Cultural Center hosted Lisa's EcoArt Solo Exhibit at…

Ramapough Lenape - Split Rock Sweet Water Prayer Camp


Thanks to a collaboration with Chief Clara Soaring Hawk from the Deer Clan of the Ramapough Lenape tribe, Raíces Digital Archive will construct an…

Domboshava Community Project


A collection of all photos from the Domboshava Community Project Exhibit

Herbal Healing


Collection of information, photographs and videos about herbal healing in the Caribbean and herbal healing based programs held by Raíces Cultural…