Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Raíces

March 13, 2020

Greetings Friends and Supporters,

As we move forward through the first quarter of 2020 some unfortunate events have taken place internationally as well as locally that are impacting the arts as well as other disciplines that give our lives so much meaning. 

Raíces was to begin a series of programs starting in April with the N.J.C.H. Public Scholars Project, Humanities Incubation Grant pilot project, and our new Women in Culture initiative. At present the Public Scholars Project has been postponed and pushed back to an undetermined date. Our private programming and performances have followed suit for the duration.

Following the advise of the W.H.O. and the N.I.H. in order to do our part to combat Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19,) Raíces will follow all health protocols and recommendations to fight this global pandemic and hope that you will do the same!

In the meantime, we at Raíces wish you continued good health and a safe status as we all weather this difficult phase in our lives at this point in time, and we look forward to bringing you even better programming and events in the near future. Please continue to check our website, blog, and Facebook page for updates!

Peace, blessings and good health,

Francisco G. Gómez
Director – Raíces Cultural Center

Nicole Wines 
Archive Curator and Eco-Culture Coordinator