Seed, it’s What We Are

by Francisco G. Gómez Do we ever stop to think about what we really are? No, I’m not talking about your identity or your cultural background; or anything else for that matter, other than what is it that first made … Continue reading

From Culture to Eco-Culture – Saving Seeds, Growing Roots

by Nicole Wines For the next ten days, leading up to Vandana Shiva’s Fortnight of Action for Seed Freedom, Raíces Eco-Culture will be posting articles, instructions, personal reflections, information and resources on seed saving. This will be the launch of … Continue reading

The Eco-Logic of First Peoples

by Francisco G. Gómez A few days ago I attended a screening of “The Economics of Happiness” at the behest of a friend. The film, in a nut shell, addresses the “New” trend called Localization, which appears to be very … Continue reading