Help Raíces Eco-Culture Spread our Roots – Nominate us for a Seed Donation

We can’t believe it’s seed time already!  Catalogs have been arriving in the mail; we are planning out our spring and summer gardens and the annual nominations for donations from the Hudson Valley Seed Library have begun.  We are looking … Continue reading

March EcoCulture Update: New Gardeners, Spring Planting and our Seed Library

A photo post by Nicole Wines (click photos to view larger version) HAPPY SPRING After a long winter, we are glad that it is starting to feel like spring at the very end of March.  We are ready to come … Continue reading

D.I.Y. Fridays – Do It Yourself Seed Envelopes

by Nicole Wines Spring is almost here and we are excited for the planting season. This time of year, we are always busy sorting seeds, getting ready to plant, attending seed swaps and getting seeds out to our fellow Raíces … Continue reading

D.I.Y. Fridays – Grow Your Own Seedlings: Knowing When to Start What

by Nicole Wines It’s hard to believe with all the snow on the ground and another big winter storm headed towards Central Jersey this weekend and early next week, but spring is truly just around the corner.  Now is the … Continue reading

“I don’t see the point of flowers other than for the pollinators they attract!”

By Francisco G. Gómez A week ago I was invited to a round table discussion. The topic was end of garden season observations. It turned out to be a round circle talk because there was no table, no problem. There … Continue reading

D.I.Y. Fridays – Helping the Bees with our Plants and Gardens

There has been a lot of buzz about saving the bees lately. Beekeepers, environmental groups, farmers (who rely on the bees to pollinate up to 80% of their flowering crops), and even mainstream media outlets are all reporting a shocking decline in the bee population, especially honeybees, in North America and many regions of Europe. Here is a list of some plants that can be useful to both you and our pollinator friends in your gardens.

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Of Gurus and Harvests

It took only two short years to make a Pachamama believer out of me. Not being one to seek out sages, gurus or other learned individuals who seem to be in abundance today, a very young person who sought learning … Continue reading