D.I.Y. Fridays – Planting and Saving Garlic

by Nicole Wines

Every fall the Raíces EcoCulture crew plants our garlic.  We usually use “el día de los muertos” (Day of the Dead) as our marker and try to get it in on that day or soon after.  This year, we waited until the Friday after the Day of the Dead, and wanted to share a quick update and links to garlic planting info for D.I.Y. Fridays.  You can check out photos from our annual planting day below.

Garlic is a relatively easy crop to grow.  You plant the nicest, largest cloves saved from last year’s harvest and if all goes well, each one will grow to a full head of garlic. It’s special to cook with your own homegrown garlic, especially when you find a variety you really love (our favorites are Music and Northern White-delicious hardneck varieties with large cloves that store well).  We cure and save our own garlic from year to year.  This year we planted 11 different hardneck varieties, all saved from last year’s planting.

Photos from Raíces EcoCulture garlic planting day. D.I.Y. Friday, November 6, 2015

Photos from Raíces EcoCulture garlic planting day. D.I.Y. Friday, November 6, 2015. Counterclockwise (from upper left): Rows of freshly planted garlic cloves, Raíces EcoCulture volunteer Corinne covering the planted cloves, Music garlic clove, dried garlic stems with the cloves removed for planting (each clove is planted separately and will form one head of garlic).

















If you are inspired to grow your own garlic, here are links we use for useful info on planting, caring for, harvesting, curing and saving seed stock:

Happy planting!!!

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